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Why bother changing the oil?

Why bother changing the oil on my standby generator set – it doesn’t run!
The majority of lubricating oils are comprised of a base oil – either mineral or synthetic. Additives are introduced to enhance the oils properties.
Engine oil can deteriorate by becoming contaminated and the additives depleting over time or both.

Some reasons for contamination:

  • Oxidation
  • High heat
  • Moisture
  • Viscosity loss
  • Fuel dilution

Remember, depending on your area and local codes, your generator set does run during monthly, semi annual, annual testing (and during an outage of course!).
Use engine oil designed for generator sets and the type of fuel used to run your engine.
Kohler oil provides the right engine protection to meet your requirements.
Use Frontier Power Products for preventive maintenance (PM) service to ensure your generator set is ready to go when the lights go out.
We also provide fluid analysis of oil, coolant and fuel and provide you with details on the condition of these liquids. If these test kits are not part of your PM Program let us know.
Contact your local parts or service department for more details:


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