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Not for everyone…

When you walk up to your piece of equipment, do you expect it to start? Do you expect it to run all day without issue?
If you do, you have already chosen Kubota Power.
If you have already made this choice then you are a member of an elite group that demands the best, expects to outperform all others and you sleep well every night knowing your equipment will do it all again tomorrow. Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back!
But wait… did you just service your engine using low quality oil and filters??

Don’t trust your performance to some second-rate filter designed to be just “good enough”. You are better than that and your engine deserves better than that!
Only Kubota genuine filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants encountered where your Kubota engine performs every day. Contact your closest Frontier Power branch to learn more.

 If this is not you, you do not run Kubota power and you are okay with an inferior engine and filters then simply keep scrolling past this message.

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