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Transition From Tier 3 To Tier 4 Final Engines: 3 Solutions

New regulations can be hard on any company. When it comes to upgrading the engine in your equipment, you may find the Tier 4 Final engines today may not fit in the same chassis as the original engine did.

Does this mean you have to replace your equipment? Read on!

Kubota has been and still is today, one of the most reliable and longest running engines on the planet. 

When it does come time to replace or rebuild your Tier 3 (or older) Kubota engine, just know we have options for you! 

1. Rebuild: We have factory overhaul kits available for your engine. One part number – One price. 

An Overhaul Kit Is An Economical Solution

2. Service Replacement: A “like for like” replacement engine is available for a simple install. These are new engines. Not rebuilt. 

New Service Replacement Engines Get You Compliant Fast

3. New Tier 4 Final engine: It’s time to go green! If a Tier 4 final engine will fit in the chassis, Kubota T4F engines provide the same reliability as previous tier engines. 

A New Tier 4 Final Engine

(Note: not all Kubota T4F engines come with after treatment as shown. Contact your Frontier Power representative to find out about your specific engine model)

Remember, if you are too busy, simply drop off your piece of equipment and let us do the work for you. Each branch has full upfit capabilities. 

Call your nearest Frontier Power branch and discuss your options: Contact Frontier Now

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