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WET STACKING – What the heck is that?

“Wet stacking” is a condition caused by operating a diesel fueled engine under too little load, for too long a time. The best answer to wet stacking issues is to provide adequate load to prevent the condition from occurring in the first place. Correctly sizing the engine for the site conditions is more important now then previous Tier level engines.

Having the correct engine supplier and OEM that understands the application will make the difference to your engine’s operation. 

The Deere and Kubota engines sold by Frontier Power to our end users and OEM’s have been sized for the application to provide low maintenance and trouble-free operation. When sized and correctly maintained the end user can enjoy a long healthy life. See an example of a 50,000-hour run time on a unit in northern Alberta. This is not the highest houred unit we have seen but impressive since the unit was running open to the -40° to +40° elements through its life!

For more than 37 years, Frontier Power has been assisting customers with practical solutions for sizing the engine to the application. We work with our customers, OEM’s and dealers to provide the end user the best return on their investment

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