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Remote Camp Install With Automation

Three generators ready to roll . . .

These three generator sets are ready to be shipped to a new home. The three paralleling gensets sized 60kW, 100kW and 150kW are for a remote camp installation. We initially discussed fuel economy and the best loading of the gensets with the customer.  The end user knew he needed a reliable product so asked for the Deere / Stamford package. 

The three are unique as they are 3 different size units. Each to handle the loads in the camp at different times of the day throughout the year. The gensets are programmed with an automatic load demand scheme that will start each genset based upon priority. Programming will also shut down the gensets as load decreases. The automation saves them fuel with no concerns of operator error.

If you are interested in learning more, contact your local Frontier Power branch and ask for sales!

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