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Lights, Power, Heat…ACTION!

With the cold weather upon us it’s nice to know there is reliable equipment available to keep you warm or thaw frozen equipment. This great looking package was built with the power module designed and manufactured in our Edmonton shop for a customer that understands the needs of his customers. 

They asked for reliable power, so we provided the best: John Deere engine / Stamford AC alternator combination rated at 100kWe powering an unmatched high BTU, high pressure and flow, clean air heater (100% flameless breathable hot dry air). 

If you need power at the same time, this is available up to 150A at 480V with 120V 1ph receptacles available too. 

Save money on your heat needs with this high efficiency mobile heat and power solution!

Call Scott at Swift Services to rent or rent-to-own one before they are all gone. Ask about the light mast option when you call to order.

Congratulations to our Edmonton branch on another great looking package!

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