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Frontier Power Products Celebrates 35 Years

With roots in Western Canada, Frontier Power Products has a vast proving ground of more than 4-1/2 million square kilometers. Within this territory we have thousands of kilometers of coastline, temperate rainforest, arctic tundra, the Rocky Mountain range and more. Our customers use our generator sets, engines and other power products in chilling arctic cold or the blazing heat of an Okanagan summer. We propel and power fishing vessels, passenger ferries, towing vessels and many other craft. We provide electricity to remote lighthouses, villages, camps and medical facilities.

With real world testing facilities like these, it’s no wonder our clients have successfully used our products in the Antarctic, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. Our generator sets, pumping units, lighting towers and power units have been around the world! We are proud of this and we thank our customers for putting their faith in our products. 

After more than thirty-five years, Frontier Power Products is still constantly challenged to provide innovative equipment. Times change and so do we. But we never lose sight of our original goal of bringing reliability to the site – wherever that may be.  

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