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Frontier Donates To Orange Shirt Society

Frontier Power is bringing awareness to the residential school system in Canada. We would like to recognize the history of the lost but not forgotten families and the forever changed communities.

One of the ways we can recognize the children is to talk about them, listen to the stories of the survivors and learn from past mistakes. Phyllis Webstad, a courageous individual, has shared her story and encouraged others to do the same. It is her story that has inspired the “Orange Shirt Movement.”

Webstad recounted her first day of residential school at six years old when she was stripped of her clothes, including the new orange shirt her grandmother bought her, which was never returned. The orange shirt now symbolizes how the residential school system took away the indigenous identity of its students.

In honor of the children like Webstad, who were taken from their families, we will be challenging all staff to wear an orange shirt to work on September 30th, 2021. Whether working from home or in the office, our Frontier family are encouraged to wear an orange shirt.

We will donate to the Orange Shirt Society for every orange shirt displayed on a Frontier employee on September 30th.

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